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Premium Toner
AMERITECH SOLUTIONS is an industry leader in premium quality OEM alternative imaging supplies. AMERITECH SOLUTIONS manufactures a large selection of brand name OEM alternative toner cartridges, including color laser toners, inkjets, ink sticks, MICR, Thermal transfer products and printer maintenance supplies.

See the difference in Ameritech Solutions’ color product lines.
AMERITECH SOLUTIONS is proud to offer the highest quality color toners available in the industry.

We take the manufacturing of toner cartridges and imaging supplies very seriously. All products are reviewed and monitored to ensure that they meet our rigorous print and performance tests before leaving our facility.

Every cartridge must pass a print evaluation. We guarantee our award-wining color products to be free from defects and match the OEM products in yield and performance.

Strict Manufacturing Standard
Quality starts at the source. AMERITECH SOLUTIONS’s incoming components are tested and inspected for conformance to our high standard.
Empty Cores - AMERITECH SOLUTIONS custom selects OEM virgin cores
Leak proof - Proprietary LEAK-GUARD system
Incoming components - Thorough Inspections by our engineers

Premium Toners
AMERITECH SOLUTIONS uses only top quality, proven toners from reputable toner manufacturers. In addition we conduct our own testing to assure that print quality passes over 300 quality inspection points
Toners are custom formulated for AMERITECH SOLUTIONS
Best quality imaging with high-density print result & Color vibrancy.
Matches OEM page yield and performance tests
100% Warranty

Product Development
AMERITECH SOLUTIONS offers in-depth product lines and up-to-date new releases. Our R & D and engineering philosophy is one of first-to-market industry leadership and product improvements.

Jumbo Color
AMERITECH SOLUTIONS is the maker of the world’s first JUMBO COLOR available exclusively from AMERITECH SOLUTIONS.
JUMBO COLOR, 20% higher-yield quality color line
In-Depth Color Line - Over 160 SKU’s of color